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About Reverie Mental Health

Learn what sets us apart from other mental health clinics.

Core Beliefs

Reverie Mental Health was founded with the understanding that holistic psychiatry - the combination of prescribed medicines and natural remedies integrated with big changes to nutrition, physical movement, and sleep - helps people feel better faster and stay better longer. Humans are complex, multi-dimensional beings, and effectively addressing mental health problems often requires more than medicine.

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Our Approach

You can't just reduce mental health problems to “chemical imbalances in the brain”. There are many aspects that affect mental health, such as environmental, social, and biological factors. Medication and therapy are important and highly effective tools for addressing mental health problems, but they are just that - tools. And they're not the only ones available.

Reverie Mental Health emphasizes the use of science-backed treatments for mental health and incorporates treatments from all levels of scientific evidence when appropriate. This flexible approach gives you more autonomy and choice in your mental health care.

We sub-specialize in perinatal mental health because the historically ignored and underserved biologic experiences of women and individuals with a uterus - menstrual cycles, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause - can often have a unique impact on mental health symptoms.

Psychiatric care can and should be tailored to you, at whatever stage of life you're in! Mental health treatment looks different for everyone, and having a variety of “tools in the toolbox”, all supported by science, gives you the best odds of meeting your mental health goals.

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Our Clinic and Provider

Reverie Mental Health's in-clinic and virtual appointments bring convenient and tailored mental health support to your doorstep, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with compassion and evidence-based tools. Whether you're in the midst of growing your family or seeking a holistic approach to well-being, we are here to support your mental health journey.

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